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Shooting Drills

Attacking On The Fast Break

This is a great drill that incorporates catching the ball off the sprint, setting up, making a quick move and attacking the basket or pulling up for a jumper.

Lebron James Shooting Workout

Check out this video with Lebron James working on his jump shot during practice.  The best shooters are constantly working on their game and Lebron is no exception. 

Training With JR Smith

JR Smith is one of the most prolific shooters in the NBA.   He has great foot work and is able to get his shot off as quickly as anyone.  Check out these videos of him working on his game!

Brandon Jennings Run The Table

Watch this video of a nice drill that Brandon Jennings uses to get more lift in his jump.

1 Minute Spot Shooting Drill

Use this drill to improve shooting on the move, shooting percentages and overall conditioning.

Elite Basketball Shooting Routine

Sharpen your skills with this shooting routine that will challenge your ability to shoot a variety of shots.  These drills will improve your shooting touch, footwork, and release.  

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